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My Office Chair Is No More

It would seem I have been working so hard on my thesis that my chair has given up the ghost and broke. I was pondering over some graphs in I was plotting for my thesis, lent back slightly and the plastic arm broke :-( I am going to have to go out tomorrow and find a replacement as I am getting back ache and don't need any excuses not to work on my thesis ;-)

They just don't make things to last any more... In related news Nick convinced me to join Facebook. Despite writing my random ramblings for the world on my blog, and putting up random pictures in my gallery I have never really bothered taking part in any social networking sites. I will see how it goes but don't intend to let it distract me from my primary goal right now - finishing my thesis!


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Amy on :

AmyIf you want to get your thesis done just buy an Ergohuman Office Chair. I bought one recently and have gottoen so much work done lately it is unbelieveable. I am no longer taking 15 minute breaks every couple hours to regain the circulation in my legs and to stretch my lower back. It provides so much support and the mesh material is so light that I would rather sit in my office chair and do work than sit on my couch lately! Here are some pictures and information:

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