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End of Camp KDE

Camp KDE is over now, I managed to squeeze in a couple of dives before leaving. Our trip back was quite uneventful, the free wireless in Charlotte was nice, and a friend very kindly picked us up from the airport. We got back to a snow covered Pittsburgh yesterday evening. It was good to be back home but the cold weather was quite a shock to the system. I think that Camp KDE was a great success, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone there, and learning a lot from Till and the other Trolls (do they need renaming now?).

It is my birthday today, scarily the next one is the big 30! There were quite a few birthdays in and around the Camp KDE period. I got into work to discover our espresso machine died while I was away - hopefully this will not impact productivity too much... Looks like I have a really busy month ahead of me but will likely take some time out this evening to have a small celebration.

Big KDE 4.2 release tomorrow too - the RC has been working great on my Eee PC while I was away at Camp KDE. The new laptop features are working great and sleep seems to be working flawlessly. I think that 4.2 will be a great release, and on a personal level find that it is now very usable on a day to day basis. I hope Jos and Sebas make it back OK - I think they are the last Camp KDE attendees to leave Jamaica.

Camp KDE BoFs and Jamaica

With all the talks over, Monday and Tuesday were dominated by a series of technical talks given by Till Adam on different aspects of the Qt library. Although I had already spent time hacking with all the APIs he discussed the tutorial nature of the talks were very helpful. I especially enjoyed his discussion of Java style versus STL style iterators.

The roundup of the various threading APIs available was very helpful and has given me lots of ideas on how to parallelize more code. All the developers in the room seemed to take a lot away from the sessions. The hands-on/workshop style worked really well and I only wish we had more time to cover a few more topics.

Group photo at Camp KDE 2009

Today is the start of the hackathon. I took the opportunity to catch up on mail a little, pay some attention to my poor wife who has been neglected for most of the week and explore a little more of the beach. It has been an intense week, and I have that many new ideas it will likely be an intense few weeks of coding to get all these new ideas hashed out.

Above is the group photo Louise took yesterday, before people started to leave. I think there will be a video posted somewhere with "smart" quotes from KDE developers. Alexandra managed to coerce most of us into at least speaking in front of the camera ;-)

Thanks to the sponsors and organizers for making this event possible.

Camp KDE 2009: Talks and a New Generation

It is Monday already, how time flies when you are having fun. I have seen some great talks, and given a couple of (halves of) talks on some of the work I do for KDE. Camp KDE has been very interesting, and after being frozen in Pittsburgh for months it is great to be able to wear shorts outside!

Beach outside Camp KDE hotel

Gokmen and I gave a joint talk on KDE and distros. We talked about the work we do in Pardus and Gentoo, along with more general issues we felt distros face and some of the KDE applications Gokmen is working on in Pardus.

I also gave a talk with Mauricio on KDE Edu and KDE Games. My part of the talk concentrated on the work I have been doing on Kalzium and Avogadro. I got a chance to show off lots of the new eye candy added recently, along with the progress we have made in the latest Avogadro release. Many of these new features should make an appearance in KDE 4.3.

Mauricio and I also announced that we both have a new generation of KDE Edu users on the way ;-) Today has been filled with with talks by Till Adam on how to make better use of Qt. I have had the opportunity to meet Alexandra Leisse and tell her all about Avogadro for a some work she is doing on featuring Qt applications. Then there is Bill Hoffman, the guy behind Kitware and CMake who gave a very interesting talk. I have had the chance to quiz him on several aspects of CMake, CPack and CDash.

I have to go to became a Qt movie star now...

Qt Going LGPL

Just to add that I think this is absolutely amazing news - Qt is going to add LGPL licensing as an option. For the few situations I have questioned using the Qt library it has mainly been an issue of license. I think this is huge news and now cannot see any downsides to using Qt when working on C++ GUI applications and libraries.

Thanks - I can't wait to thank some of you in person at Camp KDE!