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1&1 - Yet More Terrible Service...

Well what can I say... I am amazed that this company managed to scoop second in the Linux Format Awards for hosting providers! Their service is absolutely terrible, they have a poorly set out automated cancellation system and take out the money they are supposed to be refunding on the day they confirm the cancellation! Then won't even tell me when they intend to refund the money for the account, for which they did absolutely nothing.

I am glad I cancelled this account, as with service like this I do not think that this would have been a productive business relationship. If anyone has any recommendations for reasonable hosting providers please let me know. I just want root and will either build a 2U box, or rent one. All I really require from the company is a reasonable price, good transit links and the ability to tell me the truth/do what they say they will. Is this really too much to ask?

It obviously is for 1&1.


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Arturo on :

ArturoI just want to tell you that right now, after many years of working in IT, I’m having my worst nightmare with the services and support from 1&1 (1and1). We hired a Windows Server 2003 (option III) with them. I configured Sharepoint Services. We have been adding the files we want to share, so far around 184 MB. Everything was working OK. Since I configured it around 4 months ago I never touched it again. 2 weeks ago the server stopped working. I called technical support to ask if they knew about the problem. They told me that they would call back in 10 minutes. They never did. The next day I call back and they told me that there was a problem with the memory and they had changed it. After around 24 hours the server was working again. So far so good.

The same day I got a phone call from a colleague from Milan asking me to check our Sharepoint Site because it wasn’t working. I tried to connect to the server using “Remote desktop connection” and the server crashed. I called back technical support, told them the server wasn’t working and their answer was “it’s working, there is not a problem”. I tried again “Remote desktop connection” and it did work. I said I’m sorry and just one minute after the phone call it crashed again. I called back, told them what happened and the guy on the phone told me that it wasn’t their problem. That it could be something wrong with Windows and that it didn’t have anything to do with them. My reaction was, “Wait, we hadn’t had any problems before yesterday, today you are telling me that you changed the memory of the server because there was a failure, and the server is crashing every 10 minutes and you are telling me that it is not your problem”. The answer from the guy was “Yes, it is not our problem. The only think we can do is to re-image your server”. I couldn’t believe what I heard. After two weeks I haven’t managed to backup the information because the server crashes in the middle of anything I try to do. I have talked at least to 10 different people in the company. Never in my life have I come across such a rude service. They have their notes on their system and every time I call to ask for help or ask them to check the server they tell me that I have been adviced that the only solution is to re-image the server and that’s it. The server has crashed when I’m with them on the line and the only thing they can say is “oops”.

I have tried to explain to them that every time the system restores I click on “send the error to Microsoft” and I get back a web page advising that there is a problem with the Hardware. And their answer is that the hardware is OK and there is nothing they can do.

I haven’t accepted to have the re-image done because I still have not been able to backup all our information from SharePoint Services, and because I don’t believe that we caused the problem.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with 1&1?

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellHey - I can believe it. I received an email in reply to my query today stating that I wasn't going to receive a refund, despite them clearly having a 60 day money back guarantee on all their server products. I phoned them up quite angry about this, and spoke to a guy who kept me on hold for over ten minutes and kept asking me to "hang on a minute".

When he finally came back to me he informed me that I would get a full refund, and that he would do it right now. He then said the reply I received from the other person was a new support center in the Phillipines, and that she probably wasn't fully trained yet. I commented that reading their own web site would have provided her with the knowledge that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee!

He then went on to say that "I assure you, this is a legitimate company", at that point I really started losing faith. He then continued to tell me that he couldn't refund the money right now as he had stated because he just remembered their system had set my account termination date set to the fourth of April. I protested and said I wanted a refund now, as they never even set the server up... He said he couldn't do anything - it was their "system" apparently, and it could not be changed.

I have taken the person's name, and said I would be contacting my credit card company and their head office if I did not receive my refund on the fourth. I think this company is in shambles, and I have read of others with hardware issues that were denied for months. I just want out, and wish I had never heard their name. I would recommend that you steer clear of them - their service is shockingly bad.

I have been working in IT professionally since 1998 and have never dealt with a company with such poor customer service. I will be getting my credit card company involved if they do not refund me the full amount by the fourth.

Carol Pearson on :

Carol PearsonI truly sympathise with your awful experiences. I'm glad I decided to check out 1&1 before signing up with them - this has been a timely warning to me!

I hope you got your refund okay.

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellUnfortunately they are still messing me about with the refund. It looks like I may have to involve my credit card company for the first time ever. I think they are an example of a truly bad Internet based company, and I have never dealt with a company with such thoroughly bad service.

See my later post about the latest developments - I truly wish I had never gone near them. I still need to get a dedicated host, and they have wasted more than a month of my time on this.

Vladimir on :

VladimirHey I started just like you and eventually got the personal plan then the business plan and then a developer plan with about 75 websites and the first problem I had was the they do not install anything on the sever for you. I wanted to install the component to run Payflow Pro on the server and they dind't let me. They told me that the only way was if I get a dedicated server (Joke) and the catastrophic problem was 48 down all my websites and 36 days after the same problem all my websites down and they keep lying to me telling me that it will be solve in 30 minutes. I do not know how they got 4 milllions customers. I'm already looking for another hosting company.

K2DG on :

K2DGI started with the free site to test their system, for months it/they worked flawlessly, then......

I added some 30 sites to the service thinking they are a valid solution. Big mistake!!!!

I have been a web site developer since 1992, I have used dozens of hosting services and this one is by far the worst ever!

It has been weeks, and I am still unable to get my domains off their server.

Please, Please!

These jerks are spending TENS of THOUSANDs
of dollars on advertising on 10 page ads
(yes, ten page full color spreads)
in magazines instead of
help for the service department.
Don't believe me? Just check the
last nine issues of MAX PC.

Paul Taylor on :

Paul TaylorFrom what i have heard so far from you guys about 1&1 i would think they are a really Bad company. But from my experience with them they hav had Remarkable Support and i have never had any problems with them. I have many clients who also use 1&1 for there Hosting and they also find 1&1 to be the Best host out there. Mind you if your having problems have you tried contacting there complaints department im sure they maybe able to sort something out.

Paul Taylor is a Shill on :

Paul Taylor is a ShillBlatant shill move there Paul...1and1 is beyond risky and that's just a fact. For you to relay what "others" have experienced is also bogus here. State personal knowledge, you foolish impersonation of a human. 1and1 should be shut down. They only serve as a guide for what NOT to be, regarding a hosting/email solution. ...and Paul...go back to school and learn the difference between the word there and their. Gheese....its' so true....better to be silent and let people "wonder" if you're a fool instead of opening your mouth and proving it....what a world, what a world, what a world.

P.S....I've been on hold now for 46 minutes, waiting for a "human" at 1and1 to come to the phone. Guess they are just so busy with new sales, huh Paul?...nope, they are handling COMPLAINT calls out the ying yang. Smell the coffee Paul, or perhaps just drink it and WAKE the hell up.

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellHey read the entries in my blog. I contacted 1&1 on many occasions by phone and email chasing up the 60 day refund they clearly offer on all their advertising media. It took 60 days to get my money back near enough! This company is a terrible company, and I persoally am sorry I ever went near them. If your experience is better I am glad for you, but the entries in my blog are an honest account of the nightmare experience I had with 1&1. I am amazed they can do business that way and it is clear that I am not the only one they have treated in this terrible fashion. They weren't interested in sorting anything out when I phoned them repeatedly - all I wanted was my money back too. They never even got my server up and running!

Munawer on :

MunawerHi Markus. I do agree with you. Here is my story!
I had ordered a web-space with 1&1 for a period of six months. After six months, when i expected that the service will be terminated, 1&1 extended it on my behalf and charged for the next six months.
After I was able to track down hidden telephone numbers, and could talk to one of 1&1 employee(they keep referring you from one department to another, 12c/minute), she said, if you dont cancel, the service is charged automatically for the next six months. On my request that I had no such knowledge and that I have not really used this service during the last six months, and would not use during the next six months and that the six-month's period has just ended, she agreed to cancel my service and return the money 1&1 had drawn from my bank account.
Three months have passed, and 1&1 has not returned the money. After many calls and many emails(to contact 1 &1 is a project by itself!), I get the same answer. "your contract period is not over yet and the money cannot be returned!". Interesting to note that that they did cancel my service after I talked to 1&1 representative -- since than, my web-space is not there, BUT I MUST PAY! Not sure, if the contract will expire even afer second period is over. My advice is STAY AWAY FROM 1&1.
Please guide me, if you can, what should i do if they still charge me for further six months, after one year is complete!

Marshall E. Needler on :

Marshall E. NeedlerI will add that this is indeed the worst company I've ever dealt with as far as service goes. That's in any type of business. They are horrible. I've been transferring my domain names from them, and it has been madness. They lie. They don't respond. They don't understand simple technical principles when you explain something to them. I'm not a bigotted person, but the no speaky English support people complicate things even more. I haven't gotten into the money part of it yet. I'm sure it will be the same.

Mike on :

They lock you from domains that are NOT in dispute. That is, according to ICANN, a violation of their agreement with them. Throwing all purchased domains into one “account” and disabling access to configurations for ALL domains (even when not in dispute, overdue, etc.) is supposedly not allowed. 1and1 does it all the time. Avoid at all costs and don't be lured into their private domain hell with cheap rates.

Terry Polevoy, MD on :

Terry Polevoy, MDThe right to publish the truth has been blocked by 1& is moving its web site in a few days. For temporary access to our main URLs just click on the links below. We will let you know when all is back to normal.

Our previous ISP was in Pennsylvania. They and their lawyer in Philadelphia have both failed to provide the necessary services in a manner that would protect the right to free speech and fair comment. It seems that they knuckled under to a frivolous and vexatious attack on my right to criticize an advertisement that appeared in a weekly newspaper in Canada. If your ISP has treated you as poorly as I have been treated, we are all in for a big wakeup call.

Please send all e-mail to for further information.
Please put this in the Subject line: Update on healthwatcher

We will send you complete details about what this company has done, and would like to see the right to fair comment protected on the internet.

Terry Polevoy, MD
938 King Street West
Kitchener, ON N2G 1G4

fern dumas on :

fern dumasI have 173 domains 1and1 took off the Internet at their own discretion. This account fully paid for, they just felt like it view 1and1 TAGS

Anonymous on :

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Customer service is horrible. You will sit on hold for at least 20 minutes. I spent hours creating a site only to have the database reformat when I posted it online. 1&1 cannot fix it. A bug in their system is what I was told. Needless to say my site does not function propertly.

Believe these posts. Do not use this company.

Kyle Korleski on :

Kyle KorleskiI can assure you that what this guy is saying isn't just floatsam. 1&1's service really does suck.

Lauren Roth on :

Lauren RothI am unsurprised by this entry.

When I chose 1&1 it was on the recommendation of a friend who said they were the best in cheap service. I am finding that they are merely cheap.

Calling to get permissions added for my manually installed word press blog I found no help whatsoever. The first half and hour took me back through the install I did correctly. When I asked how long it would take to simply allow me to add a user so I could install wordpress and modify it myself, they said they'd update me by email. This was a while ago - no email. I'm not sure they even knew what I was talking about. Since they "don't do phone calls" I will have to call back, go through the whole run-around again and try to get the case escalated. The situation looks grim.

Meanwhile I notice that the blog you're using is one of the styles provided by 1&1. It looks nice, but I wonder if you've been able to edit any of it.

I am close to changing providers myself. I hear dreamcast is awesome. (And from someone who chose it because it's good, not because it's cheap and somehow hoodwinks awards.)

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellI changed providers a long time ago. I now have a dedicated server with a smaller company that do hosting in London. I can talk to real people on the rare occasions I need to and am thinking of selling some space on it as I am hardly using it...

My blog is actually powered by serendipity which I installed myself and this is the default style. If I ever find the time I might try and come up with a style all of my own, but until then it will stay as it is... I would recommend moving away from 1&1 based upon my experiences - I have no idea how 1&1 have managed to win any awards and I have never looked back since moving (they never actually got my dedicated server set up - they just put it back a few times until I cancelled).

SW on :

SWIt took me just under a year to get a refund from 1&1 due to their terrible service.

They also locked my account meaning I was unable to transfer my domain names to another provider.

Even had to cancel my debit card as they kept taking money from my account for a service I had cancelled


Mister M on :

Mister MI have been with 1&1 for 6 years, never needing to deal with their support depatment until Sunday.

As far as I was aware, my dedicated server was here in the UK. For the last 2 weeks my server has experienced severe comnnectivity problems, and this is just day s before I am due to launch a network of sites.

I called support and selected option 3 for dedicated servers. I spoke to a nervous but friendly sounding indian man. He suggested I start the server in safe mode, which I had already tried. He was clearly struggling with the script he was following on his screen. His second suggestion was for me to phone the dedicated server depatment in the United States. Umm, ok. So I tried the number he gave me, which after 2 attempts still wasn't answered after 5 mins.

I have emailed 6 times since, each time being told my problem is still in the queue with the dedicated server team in the United States.

I also notiecd a huge slow down on to a point that the connection is reset and my coockie expired, meaning I have to log in about once a minute.

It's all gone a wee bit pear shaped for 1&1 i think.

Can anyone suggest a good UK based host offering a dedicated server package, maybe even with Plesk installed?

Does anyone have anything good to say about Fasthosts?
Do they deliver their promises?

Sue on :

SueI've only been a customer for 3.5 weeks and for 2 of those I've been unable to access my site. Eventually had to zap it and start again and within 1.5 days I'm having problems again. I notice that in the discussions above, a lot of people are complaining about 1and1 but very few suggestions for good hosting services. Checked out fasthost but a bit worried about some of the stuff I've read, floods, breaches of security, etc - if you've found someone good can you please let me know

John Henderson on :

John Henderson1&1 are quite simply shonks, thiefs and crooks from my experience!
You are in for total grief if you ever choose 1&1 for ANY service whatsoever.
AVOID 1&1 like the plague!

Richard Evans on :

Richard EvansCan I clarify that the 1&1 INternet Ltd is the very same one based in Slough UK, for those of us over here. if so let me know??? I came across this page as I was searching for the MD of 1&1 Internet Ltd, have just had the most dire tech suport and billing enquiry ever*&^%$%!! . Quite simple i moved house and their online PAF system, i enter my new address and what comes back is an entirely different address, i though how the f*** can i proceed on this basis, when their f'in sstem can't even find an address here in the UK which has been standing for 30 years. So with all the suport emails i have back from 1&1 i simply wrote the same angry story oer and over again. Having called them i gave them 1 week to get my address changed, otherwise I taking my business elsewhere. Now have read all of the above, i think it with out any doubt prove a major point, they are crap, but nice interface. I am so sick that I started with these outfit, whom I have been with for 4 years, what a total pleb! Anyway, with that of my chest, you guys seems to know a thing or to too, which domain main provider would you recommend, I an open to suggestions. Hear from you when ever. Thank god for M D. H Blog.

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellIt is the very same. I have never looked back to be honest - they were terrible and after many phone calls I managed to get a refund and leave them behind. I am shocked they are still in business but I guess the Internet is a big place and it takes a long time to upset every potential customer! Not surprised they have not improved at all.

I would advise anyone looking for hosting to steer well clear of these jokers. I am sure my problems are far from the worst - I didn't even get a server they just kept threatening to set one up one day...

Richard Evans on :

Richard EvansSo, Marcus, the main man...

other than 1and1 (spit), who would you recommend that can i guess provide a far better service and cost me less, i realise that i can do better, or anone who reads this, let me know who you would suggest. Hear from you all soon, have a great weekend...

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellI already posted about who I ended up using -!.html - a company called OH Telecom. They have fulfilled my basic requirements very well in that I am told the truth, they do things in the time scales they promise and I think the price I am paying is reasonable.

Not sure I am a typical customer though. I want root access to the server and good connectivity. I take care of keeping the server up to date and use SSH almost exclusively. OH Telecom are honest, charge reasonable prices and have always been very helpful on the odd occasions I have had call to ask them for anything.

There are some companies that get it, and others that really don't. I would put 1&1 in the latter category. I am sure there are lots of good companies out there but I stopped looking when I found one that was able to satisfy my basic requirements. I also do far less web development these days... I mainly put this up as an honest account of my dealings with 1&1.

Eric Akpore on :

Eric AkporeIt a high time the authority do something about 1and1.This company is terrible to say the least.This company miss sold me an upgrade of one of thier packages and left me in limbo.I not only lost by business but,they are even threatening me with legal action for a service they did not render to me.I am waiting for them in court.After promising me of a refund by one of their account officer (Dannielle) they still went ahead to ask a debt recovery agent to write me threatnening letters.
Please if you love your business avoid this company like a plague.

Boz on :

BozAvoid them. Unwarranted billing. Debt collection letters even after the account has been cancelled. Still attempting to take payments. Not good at all. That's all I have to say.

Rob on :

RobI have been with for almost 10 years. For the last year I have had nothing but problems. I develop many sites using Joomla. The servers continually give an error 500 message. After consulting with Joomla, it was explain the error 500 was unknown server error caused by limitations on the SQL database. I called several times trying to talk to a supervisor to supply them with documentation on the problem and solution, but was refused access . I left several request to have a manager call me and received no responses. As a result I have had to move my customer sites to other hosting sites. The tech support response is "It's Joomla." Once moved they work fine.
I finally spent 3 weeks preparing my own site to move. The domain renewal was due on the 6th of April so I decided to wait until the 7th to shut this down (I had auto domain renewal). When I canceled they put the domain into redemption and shut it down. The service manager for acknowledged the error and said he would rectify the problem. I just got an email indicating it could take up to 5 days to resolve the problem. This has not only shut down my site, but also emails.

alex on :

alexThey are truly the worst company that I have dealt with in 40 years

Leslie on :

LeslieDo you know if 1and1 is crashing right now? Because I cannot download email, or get to webmail, or get them on the phone, or access their website.

Paul Littlebury on :

Paul LittleburyThis is not my experience at all - I have been with them for two years (, and can say they have provided best services and deals by miles. The responses to emails has always been quick and courteous - people should learn to complain properly - you are dealing with human beings, not machines.

I think that people expect too much for their money - you lease a dedicated server then it is largely your responsibility. You lease virtual server space .... well, what do you expect? People without server skills shouldn't be leasing dedicated servers, then wondering why it screws up - you have to MAINTAIN it. Also, if you rant instead of explaining problems properly, you are unliklely to get problems resolved quickly. Also, if you go for Windows 2003, you deserve eveything you get :-)

No hosting company is perfect and I think 1and1 do a good job. Learn how to maintain a server, then maybe you wont have such a headache - too many people assume they dont have to do anything expect load the server up with domains and files. Learn your server admin, and dont waste support's time. They are not here to deal with your web application screwups, or cackhanded domain setups.

Paul Littlebury on :

Paul LittleburyForgot to answer your original question! My response was aimed at comments. Stick with 1and1 if you can - payments processes can be a pain, and the best companies can fall down on this. In terms of what you get for your money, and the quality of the hosting setup, you may be able to find better, but to be honest, is it worth it? If your only problem with them is payments, stick at chasing it up. I have found them courteous and helpful, but on payments I think support will always take longer by default. I think you will find most of the vitriol expressed here, is result of inexperienced people who made their own mistakes, and are angry at 1and1 for not fixing them - that is not a 1and1 problem, that is a user problem.

john on :

john1&1 have made my life hell.charged me for cancelled domains. The worst experience I have had - they are not willing to listen.

Stewart on :

StewartThey are indeed one of the worst I was unfortunate to have business with. That's why I prefer avoiding them and advice my friends to. It's not really a pleasant thing to be treated like that...

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