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TEM Images of My Gold Nanoparticles

I finally got some HRTEM images of my gold nanoparticles done yesterday and picked up the data today. They look pretty good. The first sample we looked at was my 4-methylbenzenethiol gold nanoparticles as dipped from a water surface at about 25 mN/m. Unfortunately the carbon film was all broken up and so the images were not as good as they could have been. Still managed to get size data on them as well as seeing how well packed they were. A small snapshot of a single nanoparticle (about 3 nm across) is shown below. You can even make out the interference fringes from the lattice spacing!
HRTEM of a gold nanoparticle core

Got lots of images of the new hexanethiol coated gold nanoparticles too. They were smaller than we thought, and seem to be dominated by two sizes. The nanoparticles are clearly faceted with a good crystalline structure too. All great initial results, although I can't wait to get more images of an LS film deposited onto a holey carbon grid when the carbon is intact.


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vaibhav on :

vaibhavHey, thats a nice image.
Could you tell me how you get these on a surface for obtaining TEM image?
Are you able to attach these on a glass/silicon surface at all? If yes, can I know the procedure/references for that?
Thanks in advance.

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellThe TEM images are obtained by dropping a dilute solution of nanoparticles dissolved in chloroform onto a holey carbon grid supported by a copper TEM grid. I can also attach them to a glass/silicon substrate by hydrophobising the surface using HMDS treatment.

Laura on :

LauraIt seems a good thing!
Could you tell me what is HMDS treatment? Could you be more precise as for attachment on glass/silicon substrates?
Thank you.

bengchin on :

bengchinHi, I googled on TEM and one of the link lead to your blog. Anyway, I just recently have got myself into TEM at work and is sourcing info on this. One of my confusion is the difference of HRTEM and TEM. Are they one and the same? Does a TEM instrument mean it can do HRTEM as well? Hope you can help. Thanks.


Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellMost modern TEM instruments can do both normal and HRTEM. All HRTEM refers to is the higher resolution achievable using the instrument. So it does depend upon how good the equipment you are using is.

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